Demand and consumption across the Energy Sectors continue to increase year on year.  Economic and Geo-Political imperatives have fundamentally re-shaped the Energy-Mix landscape.  Energy Industries rely on highly skilled leaders and disrupters to meet the global demand for energy across multiple sectors.  Ramsay Black has been immersed in these industries for decades and work with leading companies in Oil & Gas (Upstream/Mid-Stream/Downstream) and the Renewable Sector around the world.  We advise and strategically work with our partners to execute bespoke search and selection assignments.

Financial Services

The Financial Services Industry leads the world in earnings and equity market capitalization.  The economic powerhouse which remains the backbone of the strongest economies in the world requires creative human-capital solutions to acquire top talent.  This industry has seen much change in recent years, a highly complex and regulated industry which is constantly evolving.  Ramsay Black works with International Financial and Professional Services Firms providing strategic workforce advice and solutions for management and executive appointments.


The global Infrastructure markets continue to demand unprecedented investment.  Infrastructure Industries are the bedrock of all successful and progressive economies across both developed and developing countries.  Keeping our businesses and people moving in the modern world requires Infrastructure companies with leading-edge talent planning.  The demand for experienced and creative leaders in this space continues to grow.  Ramsay Black’s deep networks and comprehensive industry knowledge helps our clients identify talent across Management and C-suite.


Tech Industries host some of the fastest growing and profitable companies in the world.  These organisations are constantly setting new records in IPO’s and they trade at price-to-earnings multiples that dwarf almost all other sectors.  Ramsay Black has an extensive history and deep understanding of this dynamic sector.  In a skills-hungry global marketplace, Ramsay Black has a track record of successfully delivering creative campaigns on behalf of a trusted client portfolio.

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